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We had a fabulous Health and Care Innovation Expo 2016 – take a look at our official video!

About Health and Care Innovation Expo

Expo is the only major conference in England focused on innovation across all aspects of health and social care. It is most important annual event in the NHS calendar, uniting NHS and care leaders, commissioners, clinicians, voluntary sector partners, innovators and media with the purpose of:

  • increasing understanding of NHS England’s business plan priorities
  • showcasing delivery of the Five Year Forward View
  • promoting NHS renewal, change and improvement
  • enabling listening and inspiring learning that is put in to practice; sharing practical ideas
  • positioning the NHS as a world leader in science and technology.

A unique feature of Expo is the ability of participants to choose from a wide range of simultaneous content. Throughout the two days of Expo, at least 15 different talks and activities are available at any one time, across:

  • Two speaker stages featuring the best and highest-profile keynote speakers and panels
  • Four dedicated feature zones each running a full programme of presentations and discussions
  • Eight pop-up university rooms, each running a full programme of targeted, expert-led workshops
  • Up to four larger theatre rooms, with a series of professionally-focused, in-depth seminars.

Expo’s Manchester Central venue is flooded with natural light, making it a perfect showcase for our carefully-chosen exhibitors from across the commercial, public and voluntary sectors.

At Expo attendees can:

  • Be immersed in the latest thinking in health and care and hear from leading experts in transformation, innovation and health policy
  • Take effective innovative ideas back to their organisations and communities
  • Develop the tools they need to make changes to the commissioning and provision of services to provide the highest quality care and better outcomes for patients
  • Discover the latest technological innovations and how these are improving health and wellbeing
  • Experience and learn how to support NHS renewal and improvement
  • Explore how new approaches to patient participation are transforming commissioning
  • Learn more about integrated approaches to health and care
  • Build meaningful connections and grow their network

Expo is growing bigger every year, with a record 5,022 attendees at Expo 2016:

  • 49% controllers or influencers of budget spend
  • 301 CEOs, 804 directors, and 603 heads of service

Expo is popular and renowned, with 93% positive feedback on:

  • Overall rating of the event
  • Meeting of aims and expectations
  • Intention to share learning with colleagues

Expo is making a real difference and inspiring widespread change:

  • 65% said networking led to positive outcomes within three weeks
  • 53% said they were following up directly with speakers
  • 51% pledged to make changes to policies and practices in the workplace