Patient Insight and Feedback Conference – 17 March 2016

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Any service needs to understand the people it serves and good organisations do this as a matter of course. Without this understanding the NHS has less chance of delivering care that is safe, effective and that is experienced positively.

To help us achieve this we must have insight into the needs, experiences and outcomes of the patients who use our services and of the staff who deliver them. In recent years great progress has been made in ensuring the NHS has a system that allows us to hear from our users and learn from what they tell us.

Three years ago the Friends and Family Test was introduced to the NHS and it now sees around a million pieces of feedback collected each month. By listening to this and other patient feedback and reacting appropriately, many services have been able to make the changes that really matter. Service providers are now able to make informed decisions rather than guessing how to improve services. Additionally, cultural and behavioural changes in the way that staff view patient participation are being seen.

The Friends and Family Test is just one of the ways that patients can feedback on the NHS, It builds on one of the largest survey programmes conducted across any healthcare system. In addition to these large scale programmes of work, local services are collecting feedback through a wide variety of channels including patient groups, social media, complaints and staff surveys. The challenge now is bringing all this data together to show what is working well and what can be improved.

Our mission for the next year is to work with commissioners and providers to find ways to better understand what we’re told and crucially how to act on the data we collect. We know that there are organisations that are doing this really well and in the spirit of learning lessons, we’d like to take the first steps to forming Insight Networks where people can share best practice and connect with colleagues.

That’s why we recently held our Patient Insight and Feedback Conference, which took place in Leeds on 17 March 2016 and involved almost 300 participants.

The conference provided an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve learned so far from the Friends and Family Test and other sources of patient insight and to share our vision and strategy for the next steps.

One of the key elements of the day was the announcement of the results of the 2016 Friends and Family Test Awards, with 22 healthcare providers recognised for their excellent work across five categories.  We published full results on the day and you can also watch films about the five main winning entries.

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Conference Highlights

Patient Insight and Feedback Conference Highlights – Insight & Feedback Conference Highlights

Patient Insight and Feedback Conference Highlights – Awards Winners’ Presentations

Patient Insight and Feedback Conference highlights – Q&A session

View the rest of the highlight videos – including the conference’s four key presentations – on NHS England’s YouTube channel.