Getting started

A close up of a young boy on the front cover of a guide to the principles of participationA NHS England bite-size guide to the principles for participation in commissioning



A close up of a man on the front page of a bite size guide on planning for participationA NHS England bite-size guide to planning for participation



A NHS England bite size guide to online participation

A NHS England bite size guide to engaging with communities

A NHS England bite size guide to mediation between patients

The coalition for collaborative care and its partners have developed a model for co-production to show how to make co-production happen.

The People and Communities Board has developed six principles for engaging people and communities, in conjunction with partners.

A Patient and public involvement toolkit for GPs developed by the British Medical Association.

The Scottish Health Council Participation Toolkit was developed to support NHS staff to involve patients, carers and members of the public in their own care and in the design and delivery of local services. It offers a number of tried and tested tools along with some more recently developed approaches

The National Association for Patient Participation (N.A.P.P.) has a resource, called ‘Building better participation‘ to help all GP practice Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) work effectively.

A short film from Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG that shows how to set up a patient participation group.

Patient Voice South Online holds regular webinars and discussions about reaching diverse groups, hearing patient voice, using patient experience. The website also includes a range of other tools, resources and examples of good practice.

Planning, assuring and delivering service changes for patients is a NHS England guide for commissioners. It covers requirements for major service change.

Wessex Community Voice has produced Choosing and Buying Services Together: A framework for good practice and a step-by-step guide to patient and public engagement in commissioning.

A guide from East Midlands Academic Science Network on training the public for involvement.

The Involvement website run by Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit includes a range of participation resources and tools. It is free to access but you need to create a user profile and log in to access it.

A patient and public involvement ‘plan on a page’ from Patient and Public Involvement Solutions.

NSUN network for mental health’s website includes information about the National Involvement Partnership and sets out principles for involvement.

NHS Networks has a series of Smart Guides to Engagement

Public engagement, not just about the public is a short paper which highlights motivations and incentives for engagement.