Resources for NHS England patient partners

The Patient and Public Voice (PPV) Partners Policy sets out how NHS England supports PPV partners to be involved in its work. PPV partners include patients, service users, carers, families and other members of the public who are involved in NHS England’s work in different ways. The policy sets out the support and governance arrangements in place to enable PPV partners to be effective in their roles.

NHS England aims to ensure that Patient and Public Voice (PPV) Partners are not out of pocket when they support its work and ‘Working with our Patient and Public Voice (PPV) Partners – reimbursing expenses and paying involvement payments’ sets out when and what financial support is available. It provides details on reimbursing PPV partner expenses and, in certain circumstances, offering involvement payments.

Partners and Chairs Survey November 2016

During February and March 2018, NHS England surveyed Patient and Public Voice (PPV) Partners and chairs of committees, working groups and forums with PPV Partner members about their views and experiences. This report summarises the responses to the two surveys and actions taken or proposed in response.

The report from the 2016 survey is also available. We will be repeating these surveys in late 2018 / early 2019.