GP online consultation systems fund

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NHS England is using technology to empower patients and make it easier for clinicians to deliver high quality care and enabling patients to seamlessly navigate the service as part of its digital transformation strategy. The Online Consultation programme is a contribution towards this ambition.

As part of the  General Practice Forward View, the GP Online Consultation Systems Fund was launched in 2017. This £45 million fund – over three years 2017 – 2020 – is available to support digital confident practices to explore and successfully embed a model(s) of online consultations as part of ‘Time to Care’ to benefit both patients and staff.

This funding is part of the General Practice Development Programme building capacity for improvement through free training, spreading innovations from around to country using the 10 High Impact Actions and funding for new ways of working.

About the fund

This fund has been created to stimulate the use of online consultation systems, improving access and making best use of clinicians’ time.

How should CCGs plan?

Get details on what CCGs should consider when developing their local plans and see the planning sequence.


To maximise the benefits and value for money of this fund, we have provided a range of support for commissioners, primary care networks and practices.

CCG allocations

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