Procurement guidance

Practices will not need to procure solutions themselves. Upon approval of their plan, funding will be allocated by NHS England regional teams to CCGs. Advice for CCGs is presented below to ensure alignment of plans with other initiatives for improving access and digital services across their Sustainability and Transformation Partnership.

CCGs will have access to expert procurement advice from the national commercial and procurement hub for primary care IT. This hub will also introduce a dynamic purchasing system (DPS “framework”) to establish a list of approved solutions, that provides for local flexibility as well as the highest standards of governance and the best value for money.

The DPS “framework” will be kept up-to-date to allow CCGs to access the most up-to-date solutions and features (for their practices), and to provide assurance that all relevant standards for information governance, safety and software interoperability are met. Further details of the current technical and standards specifications are provided on the best practice page.

Commercial and Procurement Hub

Part of the fund will secure support from the national Commercial and Procurement Hub for primary care IT hosted by NHS England.  This hub will provide expert advice to CCGs about selecting and procuring online consultation systems.

CCGs will have access to:

  • A continuously updated list of online consultation systems that meet appropriate standards.
  • Expert advice about choosing and implementing a system locally.
  • A DPS “framework” for procurement, that will deliver value for money, assurance of standards and efficient procurement processes.

The hub has produced supplementary procurement guidance addressing specific issues to consider in using this fund.


Check out our webinars page for details of the latest webinars with experts from the Commercial and Procurement Hub.