Holding a local showcase event

To get started on your Time for Care programme you will first be required to host a 10 High Impact Actions showcase event.

The showcase event will be a highly engaging half day workshop enabling staff from your GP practices to explore the 10 High Impact Actions, ask their own questions about implementing them, and start making plans for their own change programme. It can incorporate a large amount of information and case studies, including local examples of success. Attendees will leave with greater knowledge of the High Impact Actions, deeper understanding of the practicalities of using them in practice, and renewed confidence in their own ability to manage workload better.

Each showcase aims to:

  • present the case for change in general practice
  • engage attendees in a vision for the future which releases more of the potential of primary care, providing better care for patients, a happier working life for staff and improved population outcomes
  • give an introduction to the 10 High Impact Actions, their impact and the evidence about using them to stabilise and transform care
  • get into the detail of Actions chosen either in advance or by attendees, giving a detailed understanding of how innovations of interest work in practice
  • help attendees identify their own priorities for action and begin planning how to use a Time for Care programme to support change within and across practices.

Planning and marketing your showcase

It is recommended to take a collaborative approach to planning a showcase event. This ensures the maximum impact from the event and the momentum for change it will create. It is worth including at least the following people in the planning:

  • chair and primary care leads of the CCG(s)
  • relevant leads in the STP footprint
  • senior primary care leaders, for example from the Local Medical Committee, GP federations and the Royal College of GPs
  • General Practice Forward View staff from NHS England’s local office(s).

The event is aimed primarily at decision makers in general practices. This is usually the partners and practice manager. Showcases have proven to be very interesting for other staff but they are less engaged by the focus on setting priorities for the organisation and its future.

Depending on local circumstances and other initiatives, it may also be appropriate to include patients and other providers with leadership roles in service redesign.

Event practicalities

Dr Robert Varnam, Director of General Practice Development at NHS England, leads the planning and delivery of showcases, in collaboration with the primary care improvement faculty, which is made up of jobbing general practice team members, ex-commissioners and improvement specialists holding improvement expertise and particular sector experience. There is opportunity for the event to be fully funded from the General Practice Development Programme, as part of the General Practice Forward View. There is also opportunity for the General Practice Development team to carry out all aspects of event and delegate booking, with local leaders dealing with marketing and provision of staff to support the event on the day.

The recommended duration for a Time for Care showcase is three to four hours (e.g. a whole morning or afternoon). This allows attendees to engage in the detail of several High Impact Actions, to discuss their own priorities and to develop their own plans for implementing change in local practices.

We strongly recommend ensuring general practice staff are given at least six weeks’ notice of a showcase event, so advance planning is essential. An event like this is often a good opportunity to feature other initiatives or support offers for general practice in an exhibition during a mealtime. It will be important to decide on this early on as it will have an impact on the selection of venues.

Next steps – using the momentum for change

A showcase event will enable practices to discuss and confirm their priorities for action. The next recommended step is to plan a local Time for Care programme to implement the changes safely and rapidly.

The Forward View’s General Practice Development Programme offers expert support for groups of practices to run their own Time for Care programme to implement their choice of the 10 High Impact Actions. Once practices have selected their priorities for action, a development adviser can be allocated who will help them, with the CCG, develop an implementation plan, and run a collaborative action learning programme over 6-12 months.

A key part of planning a Time for Care programme is ensuring it is aligned with other change initiatives involving local practices. The planning is therefore best undertaken in discussion between practices, the CCG, Sustainability and Transformation Plans team, Local Medical Committee and others.


To discuss holding a showcase event in your locality email england.gpdevelopment@nhs.net.