Benefits and support

If you are successful in applying to the International GP Recruitment Programme, you’ll receive the following benefits and support:

Support with relocation

There will be an extensive programme of support to help doctors and their families make the move to England and feel at home.

This will include help with organising transport and finding a home, schools, nurseries and other local facilities as well as support with administrative tasks such as setting up bank accounts and mobile phones. Relocation costs for things such as estate agent fees or transportation of belongings and pets will be paid for. We also understand the importance of ensuring that ongoing support networks are in place for doctors and their families.

If a doctor’s partner wants to pursue their own career in England, whether that is in healthcare or in another profession, we will support them to learn/improve their English language and to find suitable work.

Training and education

As part of the programme, doctors will become part of an International GP training scheme including the elements of the GP Induction and Refresher scheme. A bespoke education and training package will be developed with a GP trainer, which may include further development of English language skills.

During this training period, doctors will receive a GP training salary of £3,000 net per calendar month, and £3,500 net per calendar month thereafter until entry onto the National Medical Performers List, which registers that GPs are suitably qualified, have up to date training, have appropriate English language skills and have passed other relevant checks.

Find out more about the GP Induction and Refresher Scheme.

Salary and benefits

The NHS offers a competitive pay package for GPs.

Once you have gained entry to the National Medical Performers List without conditions you can expect to earn a salary of between £68,000 and £72,000 per year. This salary is the same across all parts of the NHS in England, excluding London where you will receive additional funds to help with the increased living costs there, known as London weighting.

Alongside your salary there are many other financial benefits including paid maternity and paternity leave, parental leave, and carers leave.

Interested in applying?

If you are a doctor working overseas and are interested in learning more about the career opportunities on NHS England’s International GP Recruitment Programme, please take a few minutes to complete our enquiry form.

For any other enquiries about the programme, please contact