Living and working as a GP in England

England is a great place to live and work. A range of information is available which provides more details:

Why work as a GP?

General Practitioners (GPs) deal with a range of health problems and are usually the first person a patient turns to for help. They are general experts in the whole field of medicine and see both children and adults.

GP’s manage the widest range of health problems providing:

  • both regular and reactive health promotion
  • making accurate diagnoses and risk assessments
  • dealing with multi-morbidity
  • coordinating long-term care
  • addressing the physical, social and psychological aspects of patients’ wellbeing throughout their lives
  • collaborating with other primary care professionals, including clinical pharmacists, practice nurses, and physiotherapists.

They are also involved in deciding how health and social services should be organised to deliver safe, effective and accessible care to patients in their communities.

How do GPs in England work?

GPs usually work in practices, often leading teams which include nurses, healthcare assistants, practice managers, receptionists and other staff. GPs provide continuing medical care for patients in the community or they will refer patients to hospital clinics for further assessment or treatment by specialists. Nine out of ten NHS patients are seen in English general practice, and nearly nine out of ten patients rate their experience of their GP practice as good.

What are the benefits?

This is an exciting time to work in general practice. By joining over 41,000 GPs currently working in England, many from overseas, you can enjoy a rewarding and varied career that offers unrivalled flexibility, with the option to fit the job around other major commitments, such as having a family. It also gives you the opportunity to practise in the region of your choice, and to decide to be wholly a generalist or to develop skills in a specific area as a GP with a special interest.

The NHS in England is investing an additional £2.4 billion a year into general practice from now until 2021. The money is being used to recruit more doctors and other healthcare professionals, upgrade buildings and improve the use of information technology so general practice can offer more and improved services to meet the needs of the population.

The British Medical Association support package for doctors on the International GP Recruitment Programme

The British Medical Association (BMA), is the largest Trade Union and Professional Association for UK doctors, working in the UK. Their team of specialist employment advisers offer independent support and advice for new doctors working in Britain. The BMA are currently offering a Discounted BMA membership trial for new members.

Find out more

These case studies help bring to life the varied careers of GPs:

International GP Recruitment Programme – GPs’ and practice managers’ experiences

Watch this video about GPs and practice managers who have recruited international GPs share their experiences.

International GP Recruitment Programme

A practice facing video where International GPs, English GPs and practice managers tell their stories.

Coming to work in England – Dr. Penelope Navarro

Dr. Penelope Navarro, a general practitioner in Wakefield, shares her experience of coming to work in England.

While this particular programme is recruiting for General Practice in England, the Royal College of General Practitioners has produced a useful guide for overseas doctors interested in living and working in the UK more broadly, including England: Living and working in the UK as a GP: a guide for overseas doctors and their families.

Interested in applying?

If you are a doctor working overseas and are interested in learning more about the career opportunities on NHS England’s International GP Recruitment Programme, please take a few minutes to complete our enquiry form.

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