Demand and capacity support for general practices

NHS England is offering support to help general practices and primary care teams to gain a better understanding of their current demand and how the available capacity (i.e. workforce) can be better used to manage this locally.

The support will be delivered through a series of webinars and events which will cover areas such as:

  • an introduction to the theory of demand and capacity and how to measure them
  • understanding the relationship between demand and capacity and the significance of variation
  • practical solutions to managing demand, optimising capacity and reducing variation
  • working at scale to widen access to general practice, and working locally to improve access.

GPs, practice teams and CCGs are invited to attend the following regional events:

A draft agenda for the events has been made available.

These webinars will cover two topics and the content shown at 1pm will be repeated at 5.30pm, on the same day.

Webinar One: Understanding demand and capacity

Webinar Two: Acting on demand and capacity

For further details please contact