Reducing Gram-negative bloodstream infections — education and awareness

Education and planning for staff, patients and carers is a vital component of the plan to reduce Gram-negative bloodstream infections (GNBSIs) for any system. This section contains the recommended actions and examples of educational work in systems across England.

Action: ensure providers have an education plan

Ensure that all providers have an education plan for all health care workers regarding the prevention of GNBSIs.

  • UTI stop – How to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) (provided by Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Health and Social Care Partnership).

Action: ensure public messaging includes prevention

Ensure that patients and public messaging includes prevention of GNBSIs.

Action: engage primary care/primary care networks

Support primary care to reach patients with long term conditions, carers and those receiving care in the home.

Action: ensure messaging is clear

Ensure all staff, patients and carers that care for urinary catheters have access to simple care messages.

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