Reducing Gram-negative bloodstream infections – hydration

Many leading experts and infection prevention practitioners postulate a link between dehydration, urinary tract infection and E. coli Gram-negative sepsis. Therefore a number of system actions are linked to improving inpatient and population hydration.

The actions listed here are to start the process of promoting hydration. The list of tools and links given is not exhaustive, but a selection of the many projects in place.

Action: plan for hydration

Ensure that all providers have a plan to improve hydration.

Action: plan for inclement weather

Ensure that hydration is part of winter and heatwave planning – link with public health commissioners.

Action: review STP/ICS work planning

Ensure hydration is part of the prevention work planning at the sustainability and transformation partnership (STP)/integrated care system (ICS).

Action: review care home planning

Ensure provision is in place to improve hydration in care homes.

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