Providing access to Interventional Radiology Services, seven days a week

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NHS Improving Quality created this report to pull together the responses from three annual national Interventional Radiology surveys and intelligence gathering from across England. After reviewing interventional radiology services across the country, NHS Improving Quality confirmed that more work was needed to ensure equitable access to interventional radiology services for patients seven days a week.


Cutting across several clinical specialties this report explores some of the issues and challenges in delivering high quality Interventional Radiology services both nationally and locally and seeks to share good practice and innovations around novel delivery models. It provides practical guidance for assessing your own service as well as service improvement ideas that some networks have adopted, which could be adapted to improve services further. The core purpose of this publication is to highlight key features that constitute a safe and effective Interventional Radiology service.

Originally published in May 2014, but updated in May 2015.