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In compiling this NHS Improving Quality eDigest over 600 academic abstracts and documents were reviewed from more than 30 key stakeholder organisations and individuals across the statutory, voluntary, commissioning, provider and academic landscape. Intelligence has been incorporated from the first national wheelchair summit (2014) and the summit workstreams where available. The eDigest is a synthesis of publically available information, whilst was made to bring the best sources together it is not a comprehensive quality audit of the evidence used.



This NHS Improving Quality eDigest represents a review of literature in relation to wheelchair services, in order to provide a baseline of current provision and has also been informed through direct engagement with service users and providers. Its aim is to pull together the evidence base from a paper entiteld The Wheelchair Service: The Case for Change (2014) and considers what else the evidence base suggests might be done differently to address recognised service deficiencies and highlights examples of innovative practice and improvement work.