The changes being made

In Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield local care partnerships are in place with local plans developed by doctors, hospital managers, clinical commissioners, council officers, and patient and voluntary sector groups.

By focusing attention on local communities and the services and care needed by the people who live in them, the system can also make the most of the skills of local people, communities and organisations.

Examples of initiatives include:

  • New ‘social prescribing’ schemes are supporting people’s social, emotional or practical needs where a prescription for medication isn’t the best solution or isn’t enough on its own. Around a fifth of GP visits are linked to problems such as loneliness, debt, housing, work, relationships and unemployment, which can be better addressed in this way.
  • Hospital doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are starting to agree a single way of working across some services, such as hyper acute stroke and lower gastrointestinal services. This includes the development of managed clinical networks, where teams work to the same standards and share staff.
  • The perfect patient pathway frailty project is harnessing new technologies to keep patients with long term conditions well and independent and to avoid crisis points which result in hospital admission. It offers technology for patients to use in their own home such as saturation monitors, pulse monitors and blood pressure monitors. The monitoring results are checked by clinicians, who then contact the patient if anything needs addressing. Find out more in this video.
  • A new urgent and emergency care centre has been opened in Rotherham following feedback from the public that showed people would prefer one place to attend when unwell rather than having to make a decision about where to go. Both GPs and emergency department clinicians now work in the urgent and emergency care centre alongside the mental health team and social services. Find out more in this video.
  • Investment of more than £1 million into our Local Maternity System to improve care for all mothers and babies. 85% of women now have a Personalised Care Plan, offered to 100% of women and an established Continuity of Carer pathway that is being rolled out through a continuity of carer team based model. Find out more in this video.