STP/ICS Integrated Volunteering Approaches Programme – frequently asked questions

We don’t want to be too prescriptive on how the funding can be used other than to specify that it must be used to complement existing system transformation design work to enable a dedicated focus on developing an integrated volunteering approach aligned to your priorities and supporting your patient outcomes. You may find it helpful to pass this initial funding on to one of your partners that have experience and proven success in integrating volunteering such as the LGA, providers or the voluntary sector and enable them to lead the work.

The criteria will be developed to reflect priorities identified by STP/ICSs in the context of the NHS Long-Term Plan and emergent findings from the learning in year one. ICS/STPs must have received funding and actively participated in Year one in line with agreed expectations to be eligible for consideration in year two.

You will need to confirm to the project team that you want to receive the funding by submitting an Expression of Interest form, after submission a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be shared for signing and these will form the agreement with you.

Yes, those systems that do not register their interest with the team or formally agree to the terms will not be able to receive any funding. This means that they will also not be eligible to be considered for any funding in years two and three.

Yes, there is an expression of interest form included in the STP ICS Integrated Volunteering Programme – Invitation to apply document.

This is yet to be developed and will be informed by those participating. You will have an opportunity to shape that report format. The report submission is a requirement to provide an audit trail for how public money has been utilised within the projects and will also be used to inform the next steps of the programme to decide who will move forward to year two funding.

It is important this work complements, builds on and supports the system transformation you are taking forward to implement LTP ambitions. To maximise the use of available resources it is important that appropriate connections and linkages are made that enable delivery. Please see the context setting document for further details about this.

There will be a national delivery partner that will provide support to STP/ICSs collectively through a dedicated network, learning and sharing events, with existing and emergent guidance, tools and resources. The National Delivery Support partner will also help systems to identify appropriate outcome measures to enable the capture of relevant benefits and impacts from the volunteering approaches.

We will also be appointing an evaluation partner for the national programme.

We will also consider what other support maybe needed in this first year of the project informed by your system’s experiences.

STP/ICS areas can only submit one Expression of Interest (EOI) but can include a number of different areas that they will look at within the one EOI submission.