Looking ahead

The partners will continue to work alongside other public services to improve health and wellbeing in various ways including:

  • Improving quality of life for people with learning disabilities;
  • Improving school mental health – including providing mental health mentors in schools;
  • Creating better experiences for people with dementia – including a preferred place of death on care plans;
  • Setting up a new service that will help vulnerable people who end up in police custody, court or prison. It will offer expert support to address health and related problems at the root of their criminal behaviour;
  • Targeting NHS health checks at those most at risk;
  • Providing tooth brushing support in primary schools;
  • Increasing uptake of sight tests as part of support to identify other health and wellbeing issues;
  • Developing the emergency care hub further so that it can help in reducing the need for people to go to hospital;
  • Creating expert teams who can work together across different hospital sites to get the most out of the specialist skills and equipment available;
  • Dramatically advancing precision medicine in the treatment of cancer through work on genomics and cancer led by leading world experts and the GM cancer board;
  • Transforming the way in which healthcare is provided through an academic health network that brings together the NHS, academia and industry partners – there are around 80 different projects, ranging from enhancing treatment for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and eliminating Hepatitis C by 2025, to improving dementia services and identifying patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • Investing £10 million in 2018/19 in digital solutions to support service transformation – it is now easier for staff in different services to share patient records and to know what appointments are booked, and investment in IT hardware such as mobile devices for ambulance and community teams means they receive the right expert advice just when they need it, wherever they are.