The changes being made

A number of different initiatives are underway to support people with long term conditions, offer care closer to home and increase the use of technology. They include:

Extensive care service (Blackpool and Fylde Coast Vanguard)

The community-based extensive care service has cared for more than 2,000 people aged over 60 with multiple long-term conditions. Delivered by multidisciplinary teams – including consultants, GPs, nurses, wellbeing support workers, pharmacists and other supporting staff – the service operates from four sites and serves 40 GP practices.

Watch a video about the extensive care service 

Telehealth in Millom (Better Care Together Vanguard)

A new telehealth scheme is being used to reduce unnecessary journeys by both the public and the ambulance service. A triage room in Millom Community Hospital is equipped with a high definition camera and monitor, with a similar facility at the A&E department at Furness General Hospital (a 50-minute drive away). This means that a patient presenting in Millom with a non-life-threatening condition can be remotely triaged by calling on expertise from A&E. The scheme is still in the testing phase and will receive a limited pilot before full roll out.

Technology used in managing long-term conditions

Patients in West Lancashire are using a telehealth system called FLO to help manage their long-term health conditions. The system sends patients reminders and health advice tailored to their own specific needs and a specialist heart failure team and local community matrons use it to monitor weight, blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation levels.

Red bag scheme

A new red bag scheme is being piloted across Pennine Lancashire, with around 30 care homes participating in the first two phases of the rollout. A distinctive red bag is sent with care home patients who are admitted to hospital, containing important documents and personal items to support their visit both to and returning from hospital.