The 10 commitments

Leading Change, Adding Value is underpinned by 10 aspirational commitments to help us focus on narrowing the three gaps, address unwarranted variation and help demonstrate the triple aim outcomes.

10 commitments

  1. We will promote a culture where improving the population’s health is a core component of the practice of all nursing, midwifery and care staff.
  2. We will increase the visibility of nursing and midwifery leadership and input in prevention.
  3. We will work with individuals, families and communities to equip them to make informed choices and manage their own health.
  4. We will be centred on individuals experience high value care.
  5. We will work in partnership with individuals, their families, carers and others important to them.
  6. We will actively respond to what matters most to our staff and colleagues.
  7. We will lead and drive research to evidence the impact of what we do.
  8. We will have the right education, training and development to enhance our skills, knowledge and understanding.
  9. We will have the right staff in the right places at the right time.
  10. We will champion the use of technology and informatics to improve practice, address unwarranted variations and enhance outcomes.

Watch nursing, midwifery and care staff talk of their commitments to narrowing the health and wellbeing, care and quality and funding and efficiency gaps, to identify and address unwarranted variation and to improving outcomes, experience and use of resources:

Why not get involved and tell us how you’re using the 10 commitments and what you’re doing to put them in to practice? Send us an email if you have any stories you’d like to share.