Using Leading Change, Adding Value

Leading Change, Adding Value (LCAV) is being put into action by staff in different roles and organisations across the country.

Nursing, midwifery and care staff are identifying unwarranted variation, sometimes without knowing it. They are showing leadership in making changes in their workplace that make a real difference to people experience of care, patient outcomes and to the efficiency and effectiveness of the services they deliver (the triple aim).

In these pages, we are highlighting examples where, by people using the 10 commitments to act as a focus for the changes they are making, real progress is being made in delivering Leading Change, Adding Value.

Leading change wherever you work, whatever your role

Hear nursing, midwifery and care staff talk about their experiences of recognising unwarranted variation and taking a lead in making the changes necessary to deliver improved outcomes, better experience and better use of resources.

Unwarranted variation programmes

Work is underway on a number of programmes where nursing, midwifery and care staff are taking the lead in addressing unwarranted variation in areas that straddle the NHS, independent care sector and local authorities.

Learning framework for Leading Change

Improving outcomes, experience and use of resources, by identifying and addressing unwarranted variation is a key principle within Leading Change, Adding Value.

For many this is a new way of working. There is a need to help build the knowledge and skills within the nursing, midwifery and care workforce in order to support colleagues to identify unwarranted variation in practice, and lead the changes required to address this.

If you are using Leading Change, Adding Value find out how you can share your work on our case study webpage.