Regional nurse leads / Regional coordinators

Regional nurse leads

There are four regional nurse leads for North, Midlands and East, London and South.

Regional nurse leads are responsible for reviewing and approving Care Maker applications – they provide the clinical perspective to this process. They are also responsible for promoting the Care Maker programme regionally.

Regional nurse leads are kept up to date with regional activities by the regional coordinators; they provide support to Care Makers enabling them to engage with senior leaders.

Your regional coordinator will be able to put you in contact with your regional nurse lead.

Regional coordinators

The Care Maker regional coordinator supports the delivery of the Care Maker programme within their region by acting as a link between the central NHS England care maker team and the regional nurse leads, as well as acting as a champion for Care Makers in local settings.

Regional coordinators are available to; answer any questions you might have; share their experiences and ideas; encourage attendance at regional and national events; as well as supporting Care Maker recruitment in their region. If you want to find out more about your local regional coordinators or enquire about becoming one please contact