Working in the care sector

At the time of the launch of Leading Change, Adding Value, there were 49,500 nurses working in social care. They are part of the overall workforce of 1.55 million people. As we move towards greater integration, it is vital that the important contribution those nursing and care staff make to manage complex care needs for thousands of people every day is recognised.

Nursing and care staff providing social care deliver relationship-centred care and are essential partners, both with colleagues and with people using services, in providing a consistent and high quality experience.

In embracing the framework and the ten commitments, they can drive essential change to improve their own and their teams’ abilities to create new ways of working and build a strong foundation for the future.

For people using social care the commitments in the framework together with the 6Cs make sure that people can say:

  • I can live the life I want and am supported to manage any risks;
  • I have choice and control and feel safe;
  • I have the information and advice I need to stay healthy and as independent as I want;
  • I am still connected to my local community through friends and family;
  • I have a voice to control the planning and delivery of my care and support;
  • I have caring compassionate support delivered by competent people;
  • My family is supported to care which helps us all to cope.

People who use services should experience better outcomes as a result of this framework. The 10 commitments, set out in the framework can help to focus our attention on reducing unwarranted variation.

You can download the six page summary document Leading Change Adding Value – what it means for social care.