Working in public health

Closing the health and wellbeing gap by increasing the focus on prevention is vital to creating sustainable health and care service. The Leading Change, Adding Value framework shows how nursing, midwifery and care staff can contribute to this effort, both individually and as a collective force for change.

Three of the 10 commitments set out previously have a primary focus on health and wellbeing.

Commitment 1

We will promote a culture where improving the population’s health is a core component of the practise of all nursing, midwifery and care staff.

Commitment 2

We will increase the visibility of nursing and midwifery leadership and input in prevention.

Commitment 3

We will work with individuals, families and communities to equip them to make informed choices and support them to manage their own health.

To meet these commitments we need to practise in ways which prevent avoidable illness, protect health and promote wellbeing, self-care and resilience (as described in All Our Health).