National research portfolio

Leading Change, Adding Value (LCAV) is the national framework for all nursing, midwifery and care staff. The framework positions all nursing, midwifery and care staff as leaders wherever they work and whatever their role.

It is aligned to the Five Year Forward View and explains how nursing, midwifery and care staff, can lead in reducing the three gaps of health and well-being, care and quality, and funding and efficiency.

Central to the framework is the focus on reducing unwarranted variation – differences in health and care outcomes, patients’ experience and use of resources that cannot be justified by reasons of geography, demography or infrastructure.

Leading Change, Adding Value places an equal importance on quantifying and measuring outcomes equally as on quality and compassion. It focusses on measuring delivery of the ‘Triple Aim’ of better outcomes, better experiences for patients and staff, and better use of resources.

National research portfolio

A National Research Portfolio is being developed to showcase research that demonstrates the Leading Change Adding Value framework, illustrating the nursing, midwifery and care staff profession’s contribution to delivering the Five Year Forward View (FYFV) and transformational change. It aims to include research at all levels, from undergraduate to professorial.

An information template has been created to help collect examples of research studies that demonstrate the LCAV framework. Participation is entirely voluntary.

What to include

Please use the template to suggest research studies that from your knowledge demonstrate the principles of LCAV.

When considering which studies to suggest, please include research that demonstrates nursing, midwifery and care staff leadership in practice and/or in research, alongside other parts of the framework.

  • Closing the 3 ‘gaps’ identified in the Five Year Forward View.
  • Identifying and addressing unwarranted variation (studies may not use the words ‘unwarranted variation’ but will illustrate the thinking behind it).
  • Demonstrating the delivery of the triple aim outcomes (better outcomes, experience and use of resources).
  • Contributing to transformational national programmes (e.g. cancer care, mental health).

Queries and return details

Please send completed template or any queries to

Launching the national research portfolio

Studies submitted using this template will be collated. Those that best demonstrate nursing, midwifery and care staff leadership in practice and in research, those that show how they have identified and addressed unwarranted variation and those that evidence the professions’ contribution to transformation system change will be incorporated in the national research portfolio. These will be set out as part of the Leading Change Adding Value webpages.