Culture of care barometer

The Culture of Care Barometer was developed from the early discussions of a group of professionals, carers and managers, who were so concerned by the failings at Mid Staffordshire Hospital that they were determined to explore what could be done to improve the quality of care for patients. As a result, the first early blueprint of a tool to measure the culture in care organisations was developed.In April 2014, NHS England, under the leadership of Chief Nurse Jane Cummings, and through Caroline Alexander, NHS England (London) Chief Nurse, commissioned the further development of this blueprint along with a detailed report and literature. In March 2015 the first edition of the Culture of Care Barometer report was published.

What is the Culture of Care Barometer?

The Culture of Care Barometer tool is designed to help organisations gauge the culture of care they provide and explore certain areas in greater depth. It supports organisations to understand the culture within organisations, multidisciplinary teams and groups by encouraging discussion and reflection.

The Barometer is a quick and easy to complete questionnaire that creates the opportunity for staff to engage in discussions about the culture of the organisation, area or team. By encouraging reflection and stimulating conversation, the Barometer helps to break down barriers to highlight troubled areas.

As it was developed in the care environment, the Culture of Care Barometer can help highlight the early warning signs of cultural issues which could impact on patient care. The tool is built around seven cultural factors that help to indicate specific issues within the care environment. These are:

  • Engagement
  • Empowerment
  • Management/leadership
  • Values
  • Role
  • Resources
  • Teamwork

The how to guide

The Culture of Care Barometer: how to guide offers step-by-step instructions to ensure you maximise the benefits of the Barometer. Following the five easy steps – get ready, implement, talk, feedback, act – will help you to have the right conversations that can enable real cultural change.

The guide is full of tips and useful facts, and includes feedback and suggestions from the trusts that were involved in the pilots

The Culture of Care Barometer – online tool

The Culture of Care Barometer online tool is in the process of being developed. The tool will provide instant real-time reporting enabling conversations to take place as soon as the questionnaire has been completed.