Updates to the Care and Treatment Review (CTR) policy

The policy for Care and Treatment Reviews, also called CTRs, changed in March 2017. View the latest policy:

Key changes in the CTR policy

These are the key changes in the Care and Treatment Review policy introduced in 2017:

  • Greater focus on the quality of CTRs and the values which underpin them
  • New measurable national standards by which CTRs are to be carried out
  • Clearer emphasis that CTRs are for people with autism, as well as for people with learning disabilities
  • A separate Policy Annex on  Care and Treatment Reviews for children and young people and a change of name to Care, Education and Treatment Reviews, (CETRs) to ensure the young person’s learning needs are also considered, working with key people from education
  • Changes in the frequency of CTRs to:
    • Every six months for people in non-secure hospitals
    • Every twelve months for people in secure hospitals
    • Every three months for children and young people in hospital
    • Post-admission CTRs take place within four weeks of admission other than for children where this is within two weeks of admission
  • CTR panel to follow new key lines of enquiry template
  • Greater emphasis on evidencing recommendations
  • Clearer responsibilities and checklist for providers to gather the evidence required in advance and actively to support the process before, during and after a CTR
  • Recommendations in CTR reports to name people responsible for carrying out each action by a given date, with a responsibility for commissioners to oversee a process of checking, resolving difficulties and ensuring that the person and their family is aware of progress
  • Two new resources for the person having a review: one providing all the information needed in one booklet; the other booklet providing new tools such as a CTR consent form, CTR planning document, CTR feedback form and a template to support the person to record key actions to be carried out in the way they find most helpful
  • New resource for experts by experience