Banardo’s social skills course for young people aged 8-12 in Lancashire

Case study summary

Banardo’s used their NHS England transforming care grant to run a ten week social skills course with ten young people aged 8-12 in Lancashire. The young people attended meetings along with their parents and/or carers, where they assessed their self-confidence and self-esteem scale and developed specific individual outcomes for the course.

Each young person was allocated a key worker who shared effective methods of managing behaviour. The young people had their ongoing needs assessed so they could be given information about and take part in relevant local community groups once the course ended.

At the first session the group voted to call themselves Crazy Monkeys. During the session they decided on group rules, played the parachute game and took part in circle time. The children took part in a session on ‘my personal boundaries’, which looked at family, friends, acquaintances and strangers and discussed appropriate and inappropriate contact with family and strangers.

They also had a group discussion around bullying and how to deal with this. The children designed an anti-bullying poster with some fantastic results. The children used glitter, cut out pictures and used other craft resources to make some thought-provoking posters.

The young people taking part said they gained an immediate insight into their own attitudes and behaviours. Evaluation showed the sessions were relevant, appropriate, and helped the young people build self-esteem and confidence to approach issues they encounter on a daily basis.


Debbie Nolan,