Diabetic retinopathy

A new digital method to help reduce non-attendance at diabetic eye screening appointments which will also improve patient experience, up-skills community nurses in eye health and reduce the risk of blindness will soon be launched.

Diabetic retinopathy accounts for 4% of an estimated 1.93 million people living with sight loss in the UK. With the increasing prevalence of diabetes it is also of public health importance to address diabetic eye screening non-attendance in a way which helps healthcare professionals to work collaboratively with patients to manager their condition and to screen them quickly and easily.

The proposed project will make the job of health professionals easier by enabling Community Nurses to obtain a patient’s specialist-level clinical history through a web-app. Using a portable retinal camera at the GP surgery screening can be performed and images can then be transferred to a specialist centre for grading and reporting, enabling healthcare professional to receive the results immediately. Patients can also receive the results through a patient portal which can aid their understanding and enable home monitoring, contributing to a better patient, professional understanding, an improvement in outcomes for individual patients and a reduction in the number of patients living with sight loss due to diabetic retinopathy.