The power of allyship – we belong, we stay, we thrive

Allyship, so finding someone who believes in you, who can lift you up and create beneficial opportunity, is one of the key drivers of a sense of belonging in the workplace.

Authentic connections between people humble enough to know what they don’t know and caring enough to want to understand and to find out more, ensures we have networks and relationships we can truly rely on each day.

Relationships of a quality that help us to weather the hard times and that mean we are able to come to work as our best selves, each day.

One of the challenges of being a part of team NHS can be understanding its scale.

Likewise the very beauty of the NHS is its scale.

Finding peers in such a vast eco-system is easier than in many organisations where we are an almost unimaginable wealth of talent, experience and expertise.

From doctors who specialise in policy design to scientists challenged by research to cleaners with an enormous depth of people skills to administrators who have to gatekeep and mediate between leaders.

If you find a relationship breaks down, if you feel things aren’t quite right for you, if you’re not sure where things are taking you, there are a number of options to support you in finding a resolution.

Likewise if you need support in challenging workplace culture where you are, speaking up on something important to you, or finding new purpose or motivation, there are networks to help.

Our allyship content is designed to give you some insights into finding those people who lift you up. The people who can work through challenges with you and who are more than happy to devote their time and attention to ensuring your time within the NHS is how you want it to be.

It can be difficult to make a first step, we hope our Stories of Allyship and wider resources will provide a strong basis for action.

Stories of Allyship