Background to Lead Provider Framework

The LPF is a procurement framework agreement that enables any NHS and public sector body to call off a range of corporate functions, transformational services, intelligence products and capability from accredited providers. 

The call off process is much simpler and quicker than a full OJEU procurement and free procurement and legal support is offered by NHS England to help organisations think through their requirements, to put together their tender documents and to run a process from the framework. The LPF can be used for re-procurements of existing external support as well as outsourcing of internal functions.

It is the only framework that provides the full range of health and social care support services in a fast, simple and cost effective manner.

The LPF offers a number of benefits including:

  • Free, dedicated procurement and legal support available for all commissioners using the framework
  • Assurance that suppliers have a demonstrable track record and can meet high quality criteria and specified minimum standards;
  • Reduced procurement timeframes – three months compared with an OJEU process which typically takes around nine months;
  • A more cost effective process which can cost less than half as much as a full OJEU procurement;
  • Lower risk of legal challenge for buyers at the further competition stage compared to OJEU, as much of the legwork has been carried out at the framework stage.