Providing effective trauma informed care for women

LTP Priority: Mental Health

Population Intervention Triangle: Segments (link to Section 1 PHE PBA): Service

Type of Interventions: Providing effective trauma informed care for women

Major driver of health inequalities in your area of work

Mental health inequalities are often linked with wider cultural and societal systems of disadvantage which impact a person’s wellbeing; including (but not limited to) stigma, discrimination and environment – including housing security. All of these have significant impacts on an individual’s wellbeing, and many of these enablers are beyond the remit of the health system alone. The shift towards more integrated, population-level health systems will support more localised and personalised responses to health inequalities across the prevention and treatment spectrum to be rolled-out.

Target groups

People, especially women in derived areas who have experienced trauma.


Providing effective trauma informed care for women


Engaging with complexity – providing trauma-informed care for women, provides insights, guidance and advice for public sector service providers and commissioners who are looking to adopt gender-sensitive trauma-informed approaches in their own organizations.


The research that forms the basis of this resource aimed to capture a range of voices and perspectives. It began with a review of the literature on trauma-informed care. Information was gathered from published academic and professional literature, and from grey literature, including online information, practice guidance, government documents, evaluations and reports. The review gave special consideration to women, especially those who experience the greatest inequalities and barriers to effective help, including members of BAME communities and those who identify as LGBT+. It also sought information on services key to appropriate care and support, such as mental health and housing services, and the criminal justice system. Where information on these groups and services was lacking in the literature, experts in these fields were contacted directly.

Guidance for Commissioners

Engaging with complexity – providing trauma-informed care for women