Tools and resources to help measure reduction on health inequalities

Equality and Health Inequalities RightCare Packs

The Equality and Health Inequalities RightCare Pack considers measures of health inequality and aims to support CCGs and health systems to identify areas of improvement in promoting equality and reducing health inequalities. Previously such analysis has not been available at CCG level. The packs provide data at neighbourhood (place and ward) level.

Each pack is based on 2016/17 data to ensure consistency with latest available data.  On this basis, 207 packs have been produced reflecting the number of CCGs in 2016/17. As such, some recently merged CCGs will receive more than one pack. The packs also complement the work of Public Health England.

PHE’s Health Inequalities Dashboard and Segment Tool Health Inequalities Dashboard

Paper on Briefing to Local NHS healthcare systems on producing goals for health inequalities

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