Manchester mental health scheme supports thousands of students

Greater Manchester’s Mental Health In Education programme has introduced ten new mental health support teams in four areas and extended support through VCSE partners to schools and colleges across six areas; it is now supporting 200 schools with more than 80 new posts.

It’s helped 2,000 plus students with their move to college, work and university through many activities including a virtual reality experience for young people with autism, pyramid training clubs for shy, anxious, withdrawn or quiet young people who struggle with friendships and a Drop-In Hub for new students with identified mental health. 1,000 college staff now have trauma informed training and more than 81 per cent of colleges are providing mental health and wellbeing support.

Latest data shows 45% of children and young people with a diagnosable mental health condition (26,620) have been seen by an NHS-funded mental health service – up more than 10% since September 2018. Greater Manchester Health and Social Care partners have invested £74m in mental health services for children and young people since 2017.

Find out more on the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership website.