Maternity Transformation Programme Early Adopters

A key recommendation of Better Births was that NHS England should: “seek volunteer localities to act as early adopters” to harness enthusiasm for change and test the model of care described in the report.

Through a network of support coordinated by the Maternity Transformation Programme, the Early Adopters are now taking forward the implementation of the vision in Better Births, going further and faster, and will share the learning from their experiences.

The experiences of the Early Adopters will pave the way for national roll-out of initiatives that deliver safer, more personalised care for all women and every baby, improve outcomes, and reduce inequalities. Early Adopters are crucial in delivering the objectives of the Maternity Transformation Programme.

Seven Early Adopter sites have been identified, following a competitive selection process supported by Members of the MTP Board:

NHS Early Adopters in Maternity Services – Bump

  • 3 CCGs
  • 3 providers
  • 18,500 births

Birmingham and Solihull United Maternity and New born Partnership’s (Bump) initiatives include improving the support offered to women postnatally to ensure families feel better supported from the start of their parenting journey, enabling them to make more informed choices for their family. In addition, Bump plan to develop a multidisciplinary community maternity team, providing continuity of carer to women and their families in their local areas.

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NHS Early Adopters in Maternity Services – Cheshire and Merseyside

  • 8 CCGs
  • 11 providers, including x 2 independent
  • 30,000 births

Cheshire and Merseyside STP’s plans include creating temporary ‘pop-up’ midwifery led units across the locality to test demand for services in a new, innovative way.  Cheshire and Merseyside also plan to Implement a common perinatal mental health pathway to ensure all women have access to consistent, NICE guidance compliant care, as well as developing and evaluating a community hub model of care incorporating obstetricians, midwives and other health care professionals.

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Dorset STP

  • 1 CCG
  • 3 providers
  • 6,700 births

Dorset STP’s ambitions include supporting and empowering women to develop personalised care plans, ensuring that care is wrapped around the needs of women, their babies and family. Dorset will also be working to improve equity of postnatal care for both low and high risk women, and improving postnatal care in general by collaborating with other healthcare professionals including perinatal mental health teams.

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NHS Early Adopters in Maternity Services – North Central London

  • 5 CCG’s
  • 4 providers
  • 24,000 births

North Central London STP’s key aims include developing continuity of care throughout the entire pregnancy pathway. They plan to achieve this by creating small teams of midwives supported by obstetricians who will work in community centres close to where women live. In addition, North Central London plan to provide women with more up-to-date information on the choices available to them through developing websites and smartphone apps.

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NHS Early Adopters in Maternity Services – North West London

  • 8 CCG’s
  • 4 Providers
  • 30,000 births

North West London STP are looking at co-designing new models of care with women and their families in order to provide continuity of care in the antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal periods. In addition, their plans include improving postnatal care, ensuring that women have access to a named midwife at home as required after having their baby.

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Somerset STP

  • 1 CCG
  • 2 providers
  • 12,000 births

Somerset STP’s initiatives includes introducing a new assistant practitioner role within their workforce to target improvements in postnatal care, and pioneering the use of digital patient records to provide connectivity between provider trusts, primary and secondary care, as well as giving women direct access to their care records.

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NHS Early Adopters in Maternity Services – Surrey Heartlands

  • 3 CCG’s
  • 3 providers
  • 18,600 births

Surrey Heartlands STP’s plans include forming a new, single community midwifery team and a shared home birthing team to give women a range of choice across Surrey Heartland’s local maternity system; introducing a single point of access for women to make them aware of the choices available; and expanding the Maternity Advice Line so that it is available to all women in Surrey Heartlands and specifically to include women in early labour.

These sites cover 29 CCGs, a population of roughly 9 million and c. 126,000 births a year. Every region has at least one Early Adopter site.

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