South region

NHS England (South) Boundaries

A map of the south regional team boundaries is currently being updated and will be available shortly.

Meet the team

Local Offices: If you are a General Practitioner in the South of England you will connect to the local office that manages the performers list for that area:

General revalidation queries emailed to will be forwarded for response to the most appropriate member of the team within 2 working days, however please feel free to contact individuals as below:

  • Nigel Acheson: Regional Medical Director and Responsible officer
    Area of responsibility: Regional Medical Director and Responsible officer
    Email: | (PA) Tel: 0113 8255112
  • Ros Crowder: Deputy Director, Revalidation
    Area of responsibility: Responding to concerns and patient and public involvement
    Email: | Tel: 07825 448269
  • Vicky Banks: Associate Medical Director, Revalidation and Quality
    Area of responsibility: Appraisal lead and support for responsible officers
    Email: | Tel: 07825 448227
  • Claire Brown (Senior Revalidation Manager)
    Area of responsibility: Responsible officer training and support for RO appraisal
    Email:<> | Tel: 07730 371332
  • Esther Olalade: Revalidation Manager
    Area of responsibility: New designated bodies and responsible officers
  • Anita Hamilton: Business Manager, Quality and Projects
    Area of responsibility: Higher level RO quality reviews
    Email: | Tel: 07796 484940
  • Debbi Turner: Project Support Officer
    Area of responsibility: RO Networks
    Email: | Tel: 07730 371331
  • Arslan Janjua (AJ) : Business Support Assistant
    Area of responsibility: Meeting arrangements
    Email: | Tel: 0113 824 9195 (Ext 49195)

If you wish to attend RO training please contact