Implementation resources

This page has resources for CCGs and healthcare professionals to support the implementation of CCG guidance on Items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care.

Quick Reference Guide for Healthcare Professionals

A quick reference guide that summarises the CCG guidance recommendations and an interactive summary for health professionals.


The NHS BSA and PrescQIPP CIC have both produced detailed dashboards (password required) to enable NHS healthcare professionals to review current prescribing patterns in their area. has also produced openly accessible dashboards which allow anyone to view current prescribing of the items included in the guidance by individual CCG or individual General Practice.

Training & Education

A commissioners and trainers PowerPoint presentation to deliver educational sessions (to healthcare professionals) and updates on the commissioning guidance for CCGs. This is a comprehensive slide set which may be shortened depending on the audience. It should be made clear to the audience if slides are modified or additional slides are included. You may delete this information and insert the presenters name before delivering.

Patient Resources

PrescQIPP CIC have worked with a range of patient groups to produce patient leaflets to explain the changes and facilitate discussions between patients and their healthcare professional.