2018/19 Trailblazers

In 2018/19, 25 areas were selected as trailblazers and will launch 59 Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs) in 2019. Of these, 12 areas are piloting a four-week waiting time.

2018/19 Trailblazers by region

North Midlands and East South West South East London
Newcastle Hertfordshire  Gloucestershire  Buckinghamshire Camden
Northumberland Stoke on Trent  Swindon  Berkshire West Tower Hamlets
South Tyneside Nottinghamshire  Oxfordshire Hounslow
Liverpool South Warwickshire  North Kent Haringey
Doncaster and Rotherham North Staffordshire Bromley
Kirklees SW London HCP
West London

Greater Manchester

Waiting time pilots by region (12 pilots total)

North Midlands and East South West South East London
 Northumberland Stoke on Trent and North Staffordshire Gloucestershire Buckinghamshire Camden
Doncaster and Rotherham South Warwickshire Oxfordshire Tower Hamlets

Greater Manchester