Update on the St Luke’s project provided by Dr David Sharp, Area Director, NHS England Leicestershire & Lincolnshire

Update on the St Luke’s project provided by Dr David Sharp, Area Director, NHS England Leicestershire & Lincolnshire, on behalf of NHS England, NHS Property Services and East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG at a Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee in Market Harborough on Thursday 15 May 2014.

“Thank you for inviting me back this evening. As you may recall, I gave a commitment earlier in the year to providing councillors as a group with regular updates on progress of the St Luke’s project on behalf of NHS England, NHS Property Services and East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG.

Current stage of the project

NHS Property Services is currently undertaking the procurement process to appoint a contractor for the project. Provided there is a successful outcome to this process, we should have a decision within eight weeks (by around mid-July). As councillors will appreciate, this is a commercially-sensitive time and we cannot say anything until a contractor is formally appointed. I know people are keen to know the outcome and we will make a public announcement as soon as we are able to.

War memorial

I appreciate the war memorial has been, and is, of particular concern to the community. I and my NHS colleagues would like to reassure you again that the NHS is committed to ensuring it is preserved for the future.

NHS Property Services plans to meet with the Council and English Heritage soon to discuss the memorial further. It will be a long-running project to look at where it might be located in future and we will all be continuing our discussions with partners including the Council to ensure it is appropriately preserved and continues to remain within the community.

Essentially, until such time as the current St Luke’s building is declared surplus by NHS commissioners the war memorial does not need to be moved, and the public are welcome to go and view it.

Specification for the development

The specification is broadly the same – the footprint hasn’t changed and it will provide accommodation for the same clinical services as previously agreed.  There have been some alterations to the internal makeup of the spaces only. There may be more as a result of the design review by the contractor but with the same caveat regarding services.

Next steps

On target, in line with the timetable previously given to Councillors at my last update – see below.

As confirmed to Councillors last time (January 2014), the approved cost of the capital build is £6.2m. Detailed costings will be determined once the contractor is on board.

We will continue to work closely with East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG and other health organisations, the members and officers of Harborough Council, and the wider community to move things forward, and we will be looking to engage extensively with public, patients, partners and stakeholders as the project develops.

As agreed with Norman Proudfoot, I will come to your meeting in September to give a further update. Should there be any significant developments before this, I will contact Norman to agree how best to ensure all the Councillors are kept informed.”

The following table sets out the anticipated procurement plan as determined by NHS Property Services Ltd.

Task Name Duration Start Finish
Project Induction and Handover 33 days Thu 17/10/13 Tue 03/12/13
Project Report 10 days Wed 04/12/13 Tue 17/12/13
European Procurement Process 61 days Wed 18/12/13 Wed 12/03/14
Invitation of Tenders 45 days Thu 13/03/14 Wed 14/05/14
Preparation of FBC 101 days Fri 27/12/13 Fri 16/05/14
NHS Property Services Approval to FBC 80 days Mon 19/05/14 Fri 05/09/14
Construction 340 days Mon 08/09/14 Fri 25/12/15
<Go Live Date> 0 days Thu 14/01/16 Thu 14/01/16