Future of County Hospital, Stafford – Joint statement from NHS England and the NHS TDA

“Any suggestion that there has been consideration given to the closure of Stafford hospital is false and irresponsible.

“Not only were the Trust Special Administrator recommendations to see the County Hospital remain as a district general hospital with an A&E accepted by the Secretary of State for Health, over £250m to implement those recommendations and support the transformation of services at the North Midland NHS Trust is available – the largest such investment programme currently being undertaken within the NHS in England.

“Any suggestion that local MPs who were shown in confidence a draft KPMG report including Stafford’s MP Jeremy Lefroy, were somehow covering up a plan to downgrade or close Stafford is complete nonsense. It was quite clear that the suggestions for the County Hospital were wholly unacceptable and the plans for investment continue.

“Local health leaders and NHS staff in and around Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent have worked incredibly hard over the last period to ensure that the recommendations of the Trust Special Administrator are being delivered – helping to ensure that County Hospital will continue to provide care well into the future.”


  1. H. Simkins says:

    The people of Stafford and surrounds have been sold a pup basically…they said this and that wouldn’t happen and it did. a huge waste of tax payers money nearly 20 miilion on a pubic CONsultation..they wanted our views and opinions but said that didn’t matter what we said because this is what is going to happen…so who do we believe? Well, so much is shrouded in secrecy…so if you and this government (shambles) think that we are over reacting and that the hospital wont face further downgrading – actually given what has been asset stripped to date what more could go!!- then publish in full…no redaction, no pages missing or alteration, publish IMMEDIATELY. The people deserve to see and read it…we are educated folk. For anyone to see that visits Stafford Hospital, it is a shell, looks like a bank holiday in hospital when actually a week day when corridors should be bustling and clinics full, this isn’t the case and some consultants who cannot get theatre time for their Stafford pts..second class. To be told it is an acute DGH is a lie and disingenuous..told the other day well its got acute medicine, read that as acute medicine with a shed load of exceptions like Mi;s CVA’s upper GI bleed, etc all go to Stoke….respiratory…if needs or may need ventilation of some sort then Stoke….list goes on. The only thing apparent of the “major never before investment” is a few gallon of magnolia paint, some new signs, an airport style departure board for bus departures and some seating, and machines for car parking. What you do see at Stoke is a mass of Portakabins at a oh yes new build (PFI) fit for the future hospital, lack of car parking and not disable friendly. Ops cancelled, a&e cannot cope etc etc…Use what assets you have don’t dismantle them. So may I politely and firmly remind you that the whole issue is of your own making, commission a report but fail to publish, what do you are causing untold stress and anguish on staff, patients alike by your own hand….publish it and stand up and be counted.

  2. C Phillips says:

    The majority of the Stafford & surrounds community have lost all faith in NHS England, Monitor, TDA & the CQC after the fiasco of the TSA consultation which didn’t listen or learn from the process, risk assessments have still not been done, yet services have been transferred even though the TSA report said this could take up to 3 years, and would only happen when there was capacity (what a joke!), and services of equal or better standards which many would argue with. We no longer have a local NHS acute hospital & many cannot afford to travel to Stoke & are relying on the generosity of friends & family, or just not going. Is it any wonder we are suspicious of ‘secret’ reports which once again suggests downgrading the hospital even further? Openness & transparency should be key for anything relating to Staffordshires health.

  3. Glenys Haughton says:

    The recommendations by the TSA have been ignored and far more services have already been striped from Stafford Hospital, than the TSA recommended.
    It has been stated that if services move from a local hospital to another facility, then that service has to be as good or more superior than you already receive. Unfortunately this has not happened.
    We had three excellent hospital in and around Stafford. Now there is Stafford devoid of all essential services, and two (Stoke and Wolverhampton) without the capacity to take those patients so standards are and will continue to deteriorate. For e.g Stoke has in the bottom three for performance in A/E. This is no reflection on the hard working staff just that Stoke has not got the bed capacity or staff for the volume of patients.

  4. J Sutherland says:

    It is difficult NOT to be worried about the future of the hospital when you walk down empty corridors and you sit in practically empty waiting areas in OPD. When your consultant has moved to Cannock and when you see that many more departments/services than even the TSA recommended have been moved away to Stoke, Wolverhampton or Cannock. We, the ordinary patient, can only got on what we SEE..we no longer trust what we are told. So, publish the report IN FULL, lets all see it in black and white.

  5. Andrew Bruus says:

    The hospital with A&E was accepted by the Secretary of State for Health? It is virtually a walk in centre that cannot operate as a fully functioning A&E. You may go to Stafford as long as it is before 10pm but depending on your condition you face a ride to Stoke! The hospital has been destroyed and decisions have been made without any real thought and risk assessment. We did have a very good FULLY FUNCTIONAL A&E I know I have used it and I did not spend hours on a trolley in a corridor as is now happening in Stoke! The loss of our services in Stafford is a national disgrace, stripping a hospital that is in an ever increasing town with more housing and soldiers families moving in is ridiculous. And the whole process was sparked off by proven lies which continue to be repeated by MP’s and media, IT STINKS!

  6. BRIAN COTTON says:

    Please could I see a FULL COPY OF THE KPMG REPORT, so I and many others can see the changes are carried out according to the report.


  7. Trevor Forrester says:

    given the parties in power signed a pledge in 2011 between them and the people they serve

    That is called “The coalitiin transparency agreement” and promised the people of this country they would be the most transparent government in history.

    Holding back a report which contains matters that demonstrate failures in government doesn’t bode well for the promises for the future.

    You have a duty to now publish the full report from KPMG, where leaks have added serious pressure on the credibility of government and NHS England toanage the finances of the NHS

    KPMG have done their job, showed that the additional income from Stafford a Hospital, together with the synergy savings and services transfers, the trust is still in financial meltdown.

    You owe it to the people of Stafford, and doctors and nurses who work there to release it in full, then explain how the financial shortfall is to be engineered without taking the land and buildings and closing the hospital as KPMG advised

  8. Christine Coggins says:

    If it wasn’t covering up a plan to downgrade or close the hospital why all the secrecy? Let’s see the KPMG report so we can decide for ourselves.

  9. Sharon says:

    Publish the report. Kpmg don’t come cheap, it was paid for out of public funds…..the nhs budget….. At least we should be able to see what it says. Then we can have a proper debate about it.

    Like the nhs, the report is not ‘owned’ by politicians.

  10. J Kelly says:

    If this is untrue why do we have an empty hospital? It has been asset stripped! Lord Howe is reported to have stated that Stafford has to remain an acute DGH…how can it when everything has been removed?

    The report needs to be published asap, until it is speculation will continue adding further to the distress of parents and Staff. SDGH was built because there was a huge need for it, the public raised money for it and have continued to do so. It was designed with foresight, the ever growing population uppermost in the design. Now we are forced to use a hospital which is a long horrendous journey away, has no beds, is installing portacabins for us, is sending premature babies around the country, cancels serious operations, has little enough parking, a shortage of staff, those there are overworked and stressed! Premature born to Mums from outlying areas are deprived of important bonding as many parents can’t afford to keep travelling to Stoke a journey which can take 2 or 3 buses and costs up £80 by taxi. Not acceptable at all and many pensioners like myself are saying no we will not endure that journey or afford it.

    We were supposed to get an “equal if not better service”, we are not getting that, the service is falling far short of what was promised.

  11. Garry Marshall says:

    It is imperative the full KPMG report is made public and published in full, this would then allow full independent scrutiny of this report, as it stands at the moment there is very little trust if any at all, regarding any of the political party’s or for that matter NHS England, from the people of Stafford, publishing this report in full would show everyone concerned that nether NHS England or the Government have anything to hide.
    Best Regards
    Garry Marshall
    Stafford Resident

  12. Barry Davies says:

    Lets be honest about this shall we, there was talk of closing the hospital before the people of stafford started fighting back against the smear campaign which continues to this day. It is neither false nor irresponsible to still feel that there is a possibility this will happen because services have been removed and moved to a worse performing, but heavily indebted PFI Hospital. Following the 2012 Act Jeremy Hunt has no real responsibility or accountability, and what he accepted has not been implemented, even the TSA accept that as being a fact. The vast majority of the 250 million has disappeared into the PFI black hole. As the MP in whose constituency the Hospital resides if Jeremy LeFroy has been prevented from seeing the report, that in itself would be a matter of extreme concern to anyone with an iota of knowledge and understanding of these situation. As there were 11 reports 10 of which have been published the very fact that the one concerning stafford has been withheld sets alarm bells ringing, because there must be a reason for it being kept secret at this time. How can the NHS England make claims about what it contains whilst withholding the actual report from public scrutiny. No one has worked at all to ensure the recommendations were implemented, they have worked hard to ignore them and allow vital services to be removed and are now not available because the waiting times at Stoke are out of control as they can not now and never have had the capacity to deal with them, Stafford and surrounds people are being offered a worse level of health care for the benefit of Stoke. With the A/E effectively having been reduced to a walk in small injuries unit, on limited time to claim there is a fully functioning a/e is tantamount to a deliberate fabrication of a myth, it is a joke unit not an a/e . It is time that the powers that be admitted the lies that have been peddled about stafford and the whole process has been nothing about patient safety, but saving money, our lives are being put at risk by not having an a/e because Stoke is the worst performing a/e in the country and has been on divert many times throughout the winter, because it can NOT cope.

  13. Paul Revell says:

    (Stafford Resident)
    Does a hospital where most of the previous acute services have been removed constitute a District General Hospital (in this case, all acute surgery, Consultant-led maternity and associated wards, paediatric wards, gastroenterology ward, haematology ward, chest ward, heart ward, various support services …..)?
    Bear in mind that a District General Hospital like this never had super-specialised wards/services in the first place.
    Would an outpatient site with day cases, a partial A&E and a canteen be a District General Hospital as far as NHS England is concerned?
    I don’t think the public see it that way – especially the 300,000 people in 325 sq miles for whom Stafford Hospital used to be the nearest provider of a suitable range of GENERAL acute services.
    I can’t help noticing that the latest NHS 5 year plan does not envisage further destruction on this scale – have you changed your minds about the wisdom of this approach?

  14. Paul Giles says:

    It’s hard to believe that Kate Godfrey Labour PPC for Stafford is so irresponsible. Spreading fear and claiming my hospital is to be bulldozed on the basis of a partial and leaked copy of the KPMG report borders on a criminal act. She has never lived in Stafford or even used the Hospital but is causing enormous damage to the fragile health economy and undermining staff morale and confidence of patients who use it like me. Turning the County Hospital into a political football match in order to the win the parliamentary seat is disgraceful and I believe she should be asked to stand down immediately.