Midlands and East ‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign named as one of top 10 NHS campaigns

The Midlands and East ‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign has been named by the Guardian as one of the top 10 NHS campaigns.  The campaign, which first launched in 2012, has been instrumental in helping to halve the number of patients developing new pressure ulcers in the Midlands and East.

In April 2012, 1018 patients across the Midlands and East developed a new higher grade pressure ulcer, compared with 516 in February 2015.  The ‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign has been instrumental in making this happen.  The campaign has raised awareness of pressure ulcer prevention and treatment by working with doctors, nurses and other patient facing staff to share best practice and engage with carers.

‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign lead, Ruth May, Regional Chief Nurse (Midlands & East) said:  “It has been a very exciting programme to lead, we have come a long way in reducing pressure ulcers and improving patient experience and I am proud to have been part of the improvement programme”.