NHS England hosts ‘Transforming the Health Visiting Service’ event

Health visitors joined GPs, local authority colleagues and other stakeholders for NHS England’s ‘Transforming the Health Visiting Service’ event during March.

The purpose of the event was to update stakeholders on the changes to the health visiting service and seek views on NHS England’s new campaign to promote health visitors and the five key visits they offer to pregnant women and new parents.

The ‘Five Key Visits’ campaign, which will run from May to October, features posters, adverts on websites such as Mumsnet, information slides at GP practices, articles in the media and contact cards for health visitors to give out to expectant mums and new parents. There will also be dedicated web pages where parents can access more information, advice and tips and a Twitter campaign.

Research for the campaign looked into parents’ experiences of health visitors and how they prefer to receive healthcare advice and information for their family.

Julia Neall, Health Visitor Transformation and FNP Manager at NHS England, commented: “We are delighted to be launching this campaign to help promote the five key visits to expectant mums and new parents. This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the vital role that health visitors play in supporting families with children aged 0-5 in advance of the commissioning of the service transferring to local authorities on 1 October 2015.”