Working together to support patients with or at risk of developing diabetes

Pledges to improve diabetes care working with healthcare professionals and patients to increase choice and access to patient education and support were made by delegates at the Joint Annual Diabetes event organised by the West Midlands Cardiovascular Clinical Network and Diabetes UK.

Diabetes is in the spotlight nationally with the launch of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, and the focus on diabetes treatment and care, plus an additional £44 million investment from NHS England. Diabetes is also under the spotlight locally through the development of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) across CCG areas.

The West Midlands Diabetes Conference gave health professionals from across the West Midlands the opportunity to hear about the following aspects:

  • Work taking place across West Midlands
  • National Diabetes Audit
  • NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme
  • Foot care
  • Diabetes education
  • Successful local clinical networks
  • Role of Pharmacy
  • The developing STP plans for diabetes across the West Midlands

Medical Director for NHS England in the West Midlands, Dr Kiran Patel said: “It was a great opportunity for healthcare professionals, patients with diabetes and other attendees from across the West Midlands to find out about the good work that is taking place in relation to diabetes prevention and treatment and care.  The diabetes programme looks at how we can stop people developing Type 2 diabetes, as well as making make sure that those who already have diabetes get the best care and support to help them manage their conditions.”

Peter Shorrick Midlands Regional Head at Diabetes UK said: “It was great to see Clinicians and Commissioners representing all 22 CCGs from across the West Midlands. At such an important time it is vital to establish priorities towards the delivery of effective quality diabetes care with tangible outcomes, the pledge commitment made by over 15 CCGs is indicative of the value of the joint annual conference organised by Diabetes UK and NHS England. The event also provided an excellent opportunity to network and share good practice, which will ultimately benefit thousands of patients across the region.”

Dr Vinod Patel, Clinical Lead for Diabetes for the Clinical Network, NHS England (West Midlands) – and Hon Consultant in Endocrinology and Diabetes at George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, added: “In this conference it was amazing to appreciate the passion that all Healthcare professional, managerial and clinical, have for patient-centred excellence in diabetes care. It is also clear that the approach we are adopting with the Diabetes Service specification, Diabetes Assurance Framework, prioritization of key clinical areas in diabetes care and training of community pharmacist will lead to clear beneficial outcomes for our regional community. This will be both in terms of preventing diabetes and its complications, which are a source of significant patient suffering and a major financial burden on our health services.”