Different Practices

Different Practices is a new NHS England initiative aimed at encouraging GPs who are thinking of retiring or leaving general practice to consider staying but working more flexibly.

NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU has surveyed over 140 GPs in the UK and abroad, and asked them what practices who may be finding it difficult to attract GPs should be offering potential recruits. The answers included part-time or flexible hours, indemnity cover, clinical quality and less bureaucracy and administration.

The programme is now working with selected practices to offer what we know some GPs are asking for. It covers a range of urban and rural practices, initially in the Midlands and East region.

To find out more about the pilot, which ends in July, and view the vacancies, go to where you can find practice and location highlights, videos, and school, transport and lifestyle information.

Vacancies are open to all GPs, with up to £10,000 funding also available for GPs on the Induction and Refresher Scheme, Retained Doctor Scheme, or those returning to practice.

A short video featuring Dr Jui Pandit, a GP who has rediscovered her love for General Practice through working more flexibly, can be found at the Different Practices YouTube Channel.