About NHS England Midlands and East

NHS England Midlands and East is one of five regional teams that support the commissioning of high quality services and directly commission primary care and specialised services.

We are part of the central function of NHS England’s national operations directorate.  Our work includes providing clinical and professional leadership, coordinating, planning, operational management and emergency preparedness. We also work with other national directorates to provide management and delivery of specialised commissioning, performance oversight and stakeholder engagement.

The Midlands and East region senior management team is made up of:

  • Regional Director
  • Medical Director
  • Director of Nursing
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development
  • Director of Patients and Information
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Director of Specialised Commissioning

Regional Director: Dr Paul Watson

Paul’s responsibilities include:

  • Oversight of healthcare for approximately 16 million people in the NHS England Midlands and East region
  • Assurance of 59 Clinical Commissioning Groups in the Midlands and East and direct commissioning responsibilities for primary care, specialised services, health and justice and armed forces
  • Working in partnership with other organisations (e.g. local councils, NHS Improvement, Healthwatch) to deliver high quality care and best value for money.

Regional Medical Director: Dr David Levy

David’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing leadership and support on medical issues to NHS organisations across the Midlands and East
  • Ensuring the quality of appraisal for all doctors in the region
  • Supporting the developing of clinical networks and senates and working with three Academic Health Science Networks

Regional Director of Nursing: Dr Lynne Wigens

Lynne’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing leadership and support for nursing directorates in other NHS organisations across the region
  • Leading on patient experience and patient safety
  • Coordinating the risk summit activity for NHS Trusts with serious quality concerns and managing the regional quality surveillance process
  • Leading on a range of statutory responsibilities including safeguarding, the Continuing Health Care process and the supervision of midwives.

Regional Director of HR: Stephen Morrison

Stephen’s responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the creation of a single organisational culture
  • Contributing to the development of HR and Organisational Development practices and policies
  • Working in partnership with stakeholders, including trade unions
  • Creating the conditions for staff to make the best contribution to improving care.

Regional Director of Patients and Information: Eddie Olla

Eddie’s responsibilities include delivering a health and social care system that uses information and technology to improve care and make it easier for our staff to do their jobs.

Regional Director of Finance: Rachel Hardy

Rachel’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing strategic leadership of the NHS finance function across Midlands and East with professional responsibility for all commissioning finance staff in the region
  • Ensuring that commissioning and investment decisions are made on the basis of insights derived from sound financial/economic evidence and that service delivery is underpinned by excellent financial planning, performance/system management and control
  • Ensuring delivery of the region’s financial performance in line with agreed financial goals through local office teams and CCGs
  • Overseeing the delivery of quality, innovation, productivity and prevention throughout the region.

Regional Director of Specialised Commissioning: Catherine O’Connell

Catherine leads on the commissioning of specialised services across Midlands and East.

Directors of Commissioning Operations

The directors of commissioning operations support and oversee the commissioning and delivery of healthcare in their respective locality areas.  They assure the work of local clinical commissioning groups and support the development of the sustainability and transformation partnerships in their areas.  They work in partnership with other organisations including local councils and NHS Improvement to deliver high quality care and best value for money.

  • Director of Commissioning Operations (Central Midlands): Elliot Howard-Jones
  • Director of Commissioning Operations (East of England): Adrian Marr
  • Director of Commissioning Operations (North Midlands): Stuart Poynor
  • Director of Commissioning Operations (West Midlands): Alison Tonge