Data, information and knowledge

The West Midlands Clinical Network strives to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of and are using the latest cancer related statistical data available to make informed decisions. On this page you will find a collection of links to an array of web based resources as well as some downloadable tools. Many tools allow the download of data for further interrogation.

Cancer Data and Sharing Event – 22nd November 2016

The Clinical Network and the National Cancer Registration and Analytical Service (NCRAS) collaborated to deliver a cancer data event. The aim was to raise awareness around the collection, availability and possible uses of cancer data, as well as future developments. The full slide deck is available upon request by emailing:

Web Based Resources – open access

These web based tools are open access and available to all. No login is required.

Web Based Tools – secure login

This tool require a secure login and may require an NHS N3 connection to gain access

  • CancerStats – Public Health England. Access to COSD, incidence, mortality, survival, national audits and legacy Cancer Commissioning Toolkit (CCT) tools.

National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service

The National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCAS) produce a resource that highlights the full range of cancer statistics available with their location.

If you would like to know more about the availability of cancer data, then please contact: