Dementia resources

West Midlands Clinical Networks project documents

Working towards Dementia Friendly communities in the West Midlands

Diagnosis of Dementia for people living in Care Homes – Frequently asked questions by GPs

A discussion document jointly prepared by Maggie Keeble, GP with special interest in palliative care and older people, Worcester, Dr Nick Cartmell GP lead for dementia, South Devon and Torbay CCG and Alistair Burns, National Clinical Director for Dementia, NHS England.

Vision and Strategy: An Approach for Dementia Care

A document illustrating how the 6Cs can be demonstrated in Dementia Care.

Early Intervention Dementia Service Worcestershire

Models of Dementia Assessment and Diagnosis: Indicative Cost Review

The identification and review of three different models of dementia assessment and diagnosis currently being used in dementia care in the NHS in England. Click here to view the review.

Predictive prevalence modelling tool

The below resources have been made in collaboration with the Midlands and Lancashire CSU

The below is a regional report that headline figures for the estimated burden of disease in the West Midlands, and the current diagnosis rates against that broken down by dementia sub-type, age of onset and stage of disease for each CCG.  This report complements the individual CCG packs that have been sent directly to CCGs with a more detailed view of their diagnosis rates and likely changes in numbers of patients for any given disease stage.

For a copy of the below Excel document, please email us:

  • Dementia Model CCG version 2010 | Dementia Model CCG version 2007

Information for people diagnosed with dementia and their carers

Improving dementia diagnosis rates

Improving dementia diagnosis coding

Dementia programmes (national enhancements etc)

West Midlands events

Presentations from Timely Diagnosis in Dementia Event (Banks’s Stadium 25/11/14).

Copies of these presentations are available upon request, please email:

  • Dementia – Timely Diagnosis Matters Event Programme
  • Alistair Burns – National Clinical Director for Dementia
  • Dr Karim Saad – West Midlands Towards Timely Diagnosis and Quality Post-diagnostic support
  • Dr Bernie Coope – Intervening Early in Dementia
  • The Bristol Model – Dementia Diagnosis and Care in Primary Care
  • Michael Hurt – Improving Health and Wellbeing for Walsall
  • Dr Mary Tilki – Dementia and BME Communities
  • Akhlak Rauf – Breaking Cultural Barriers in Caring for Dementia
  • Anne Wilkinson – Assessment and Diagnosis Example Pathways

Dementia Post Diagnostic Support Planning – Guidance for Commissioners

The NICE Dementia Quality Standard on Dementia QS1 states that people with dementia should have an assessment and an ongoing personalised care plan, agreed across health and social care, that identifies a named “care coordinator” and addresses their individual needs.  A document, produced by the London SCN, supports commissioners and providers of dementia care to meet that Quality Standard.

Care Home Research Priorities

Over the last year ENRICH worked with the Jame Lind Alliance to connect to care homes to develop the priorities for Care Home Research.