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Appraiser Bulletin

The Appraisal team at NHS England Central Midlands has started a monthly Appraisal Bulletin. This will be sent out by email to all appraisers each month and will address topical issues and latest appraisal developments.

NHS GP Health service

This is a new service being supported by NHS England and is being introduced following the General Practice Forward View which made a commitment to support general practice. It recognises that GPs are under pressure and GP mental ill-health, including stress and burnout, is the focus of the new GP Health service.  It is hoped this will be achieved by providing an equitable service across England and easy and timely access to the service and ensured confidentiality.

The service is a free and confidential service for GPs and GP trainees working or looking to return to clinical practice in England who are suffering with mental health or addictions issues.

Appraiser Resources

New Appraiser Training Resources

Senior Appraiser Team

The senior appraiser team is responsible for supporting the appraisal lead and the appraisers. They have a number of roles as follows:

  • Supporting new appraisers
  • Undertaking quality assurance reviews on 4 appraisals per year for each appraiser
  • Undertaking 1:1 reviews with each appraiser every 1 to 3 years
  • Supporting the mandatory training programme for appraisers
  • Delivering new appraiser training
  • Running local appraiser meetings
Claire Powell
Debra Gilbert
Jonathan Freedman
Mark Brownfield
Mary Harding
Michael Curtin
Fiona Dry
Kathryn Oliver
Sundeep Gupta
Eileen Cook
Sue Marris
Luqman Rajput
Judy Craig
John Hart
Gopal Sharma

Revalidation Management System (RMS)

All appraisers should be using the revalidation management system for managing their appraisals and updating the revalidation checklist. If you have not yet logged on to the system please contact the appraisal teams to have your password reset.

Locality GP Appraiser Meetings

Local appraiser meetings are a very good opportunity to meet other appraisers and discuss appraisal issues with colleagues, receive advice and updates from the senior appraiser and to discuss ‘complex’ or problematic appraisals.

Local appraiser meetings are run 2-3 times a year in some of the localities across NHS England Central Midlands. If you wish to attend a meeting, please contact the relevant senior appraiser to find out when the next meeting is running.

Hertford – Next meeting is on Wednesday 14th June at 7pm- please contact Debra Gilbert for more details.
St. Albans  – please contact Sharena Sheikh at
North Herts – please contact Dr Claire Powell at
Bedfordshire and Luton – please contact Dr Michael Curtin at
Kettering  – please contact John Hart

Mandatory Training 2017-18

Dates of the Mandatory training will be available shortly.

It is now a mandatory requirement to attend one whole day of training. If you do not/are unable to attend a full day of training as required by the Senior Appraisal team, you will not be allowed to appraise after 1 April 2017. You can however do the morning session on one day and the afternoon session on another if this fits better with your working hours. If, for any unforeseen circumstances, your situation changes closer to your booked date(s), please notify Christine Poulton as soon as possible so that a new venue and date can be booked.

The content of each day has yet to be confirmed but the programme has been shaped by the feedback received following the 2015-16 training programme.

Please confirm which day (or half days) you will be attending by contacting Christine Poulton as soon as possible at