LPN Priorities 2013-2016

PRIORITY 1: Professional Leadership & Workforce Development

The LPN will ensure we have a responsive, adequately skilled pharmacy workforce, allowing pharmacy teams to deliver good outcomes within the NHS. We aim to raise professional awareness, encourage a mentoring system, celebrate good practice, and to raise the profile of pharmacy both within NHS and with the general public. The aim is to promote a supporting environment making our area somewhere people want to work.

PRIORITY 2: Mental Health

The LPN will develop initiatives to support people with mental health needs to manage their physical health better. By collaborative working, pharmacists will aim to improve patient experience of pharmacy by reducing stigma associated with mental health. A key focus will also include supporting patients and carers with dementia to better manage their medicines.

PRIORITY 3: Therapeutics- Respiratory

The LPN will ensure that all sectors of pharmacy are engaged in this QIPP initiative and that learning is cascaded across the network. The aim is to improve patient engagement, reduce avoidable harm associated with inhaled corticosteroids, reduce medicines waste, improve inhaler technique, promoting evidence based, cost-effective prescribing. The LPN will identify and address learning needs.

PRIORITY 4: Self Care

Pharmacy will play a key role in promoting self care for a range of conditions and thereby adding capacity and capability to primary care. Contribute to the management of long term conditions by supporting initiatives around medicine compliance. The LPN will use the Health Living Pharmacy Programme to improve the health and wellbeing of the local population.

PRIORITY 5: Pharmacy Interface

The LPN will look at improving patient safety around medicines by improving communication mechanisms at healthcare interface. It will formulate initiatives which help support the medicines management QIPP agenda and address common issues around compliance aids and homecare standards. Development of medication reconciliation systems at discharge particularly for vulnerable patients will be evaluated for their impact on hospital readmissions.

PRIORITY 6: Pharmacy Needs Assessment

The LPN will work with LA and H&W Boards to advise and support the production of robust fit for purpose Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment to ensure commissioners effectively use resource and commission service against need securing value for money.