Using patient stories

Using patient stories: Collecting and using them in nursing practice: What are the challenges?

What’s the story? Storytelling within the NHS (Midlands and East), published on 22 September 2014, was a research project that was undertaken  across the Midlands and East exploring the use of patient stories and the importance of their NHS organisational impact .

The report communicates the study findings, detailing the value and purpose of patient stories and highlighting how staff and carer stories are playing an increasing role in presenting a holistic view of the patient experience.


Building on the patient story review led by NHS Midlands and East in 2012, ‘Creating a revolution in patient and customer service experience: Using patient stories’, NHS England has led the development of an online storytelling resource hub which aims to share storytelling related resources for the purpose of driving storytelling improvements for the benefit of patients, carers and staff .

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