Our aim is to reduce preventable and premature mortality from Cardiovascular Disease. Approximately 20,000 lives could be saved per annum in England if mortality rates were reduced to the levels of the best in Europe. By diagnosing conditions early and treating before conditions worsen, lives can be saved.

The West Midlands Cardiovascular (CVD) Clinical Network is one of four Clinical Networks (CNs).  The Cardiovascular Clinical Network has four specific disease areas – Cardiac, Diabetes, Renal & Stroke; all areas bring together clinicians, patients, commissioners, local councils and other stakeholders to improve care.  This includes looking at inequity and gaps in services and how care can be improved.

The Network has a combination of clinical cardiovascular expertise as well as expertise in service redesign which enables care to be improved for patients by teams who use a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer advice and change practice.

The West Midlands Cardiovascular Clinical Network is supported by Expert Advisory Groups. If you are a Health Care Professional or Commissioner and would like more information  or to participate in any of these groups either select from the main menu your clinical interest area.